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(All have matrix numbers meaning they must have been recorded)


Little drops of water,little grains of sand/ Cinoo Robles/ I'm learning to dance/ After you've Gone

Like somebody in love/ If I tell you/ You're no good/ Chilly Winds/

I'll just be on my way/ Ting-aling-a-ling/ Love me to pieces/ Magic Moments

No one will ever know/ Call me/ Beware/ Love tears and kisses/ Johnny Gone

Change of heart/ Slowly but surely/ The trouble with Harry/The fool of the year

Hey there/ Put your arms around me honey/ If I tell you.

The Following are held by the Alma fan Club.

Tell Him (Alternate English version)  Love is a word (Alt: English version)/  Sycamore tree (Alt: version.

Fly Me to the moon (Alt version)/  Volare (Alt: version) Chilly Winds/ Little Jacket of blue

It's you (alt: version) / Baubles bangles and beads (Atl: version)

There's A time and a Place (Alt: version) / A man without a Girl (Demo) Baby Stay Here (Demo)

IWant to whisper something (Demo) / Somebody loves me (alt: version) /Love you I will (alt: version)

And Many More.